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Logovolt - Logo Design

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They say your own logo it's the hardest one to come up with. That wasn't the case for me. What was hard though, and took a lot of time, was coming up with the name for my business, Logovolt. Let me explain why.

When asking for advice to a lot of people on our field, most of them told me i shouldn't narrow down the name to Logos only, that i will be losing money that way because i should be doing so much other things as an agency, like Web Design or other kinds of Graphic Design. While i think it's important for me to think about and deliver all the branding elements, my passion is really on those minimal, bold, clever marks that represent something or someone on a simple way, That's why i included "Logo" on the name.

As for "Volt", i have choosen it because i believe a good branding really energizes any product or individual. It's like filling a beautiful car with fuel. Other than that, it really represents me as a person. Everyone that knows me personally, knows how "Electric" i am, i have an hard time stopping, because i think there is so many possibilities on the world. Being able to work daily on something i love really pairs up well with that, and i couldn't be more grateful!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Logo and reading my insights behind it, feel free to leave your thoughts! Peace ⚡

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