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Dapp.com is a platform for decentralized applications. It has thousands of blockchain based games, social networks, exchanges, tools and a lot more built on Ethereum, EOS, Steem, NEO and TRON. Dapp.com is a growing ecosystem that encourages dapp development, awareness, and usage. Their mission is to demystify decentralized technology, help and inspire developers and users to embrace this exciting new space with confidence.

This is dapp details page design for Dapp.com. It is aimed to show all the important information about a dapp. Similar to the ranking page, there is a block with more detailed ranking information based on the particular dapp. It shows how is the dapp doing from transactions data, user data and social data. There is also Dapp.com Ranking which combines this data into a number that represents the average score of the dapp.

Many of the product, user experience, and user interface designs for Dapp.com were done in cooperation between Yuekun Lee, Jietian Xiao and me.

Wladislav Glad
Product Designer

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