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The Liner Brush Pack For Procreate (Girl Jumping Rope)

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The Liner Brush Pack For Procreate (Girl Jumping Rope) childrens book jumping rope pens ink retrosupply mid-century vintage retro procreate art procreate app brushes procreate

Another illustration from our new brush pack for Procreate called The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate (not original but maybe good for SEO).

Something interesting we did on this pack (and actually do on a lot of packs) is a meticulous side-by-side comparison of the source material and the brushes we're making.

So in this case, we really loved this old children's magic book's illustrations. So we scanned the book in. Then we drew on top of it with Procreate until we got our brushes as close as possible to recreating the same types of strokes and textures.

You can read a little article about the pack here (complete with source material, videos, and brush breakdown):

You can buy the pack from RetroSupply here:

You can grab it from @Creative Market here:

Illustration by @Lori Rudolph

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