Check out the attachment: A 2560 x 1440 wallpaper :D

Just couldn't resist :D

First, @Eddie Lobanovskiy dribbbled this super cool sketch of a wooden safe icon ( I was already thinking about illustrating it, but meh... too much work. You know how it goes. Looooong to-do list, no time for anything. But then @Dash came up with a pretty cool rebound ( and I thought: All right, that's it!

But: I'm a futuristic / Sci-Fi kind of guy. Even though a wooden safe looks really cool, it's totally not safe. A simple screwdriver would do the trick :D

So in a logical consequence my safe is based on Eddie's and Dash's shots, however, it's technically more advanced (I mean technically in terms of the real thing). That blue "button" there is an all-in-one fingerprint & DNA scanner. It also detects if the finger is actually alive - they can't just press a dead thumb on that button like they do in the movies all over the place.

And of course, the metal is made from Taptanium alloy :D

I'm still not entirely done with it, so this is just a little teaser for you guys. Stay tuned!

Posted on Jun 21, 2012
Franz Bruckhoff
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