Radinal R Mutaqin

Cygnito Mono™

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Cygnito Mono™ display font tech font indonesia new font coding font coding regular font regular otf ttf modular font modular monospaced font monospaced cygnito typeface cygnito font cygnito mono cygnito

A new modular & monospaced font. Inspired by modernism and industrial graphic design. Determine the grid and create a complete set of cohesive characters (A-Z) and multilanguage characters (latin based). Contains 506 glyphs and support for ±130 languages. This font is already available on Youworkforthem → http://ywft.us/29f00a93e / Creative Market → https://crmrkt.com/Oroge6 / Gumroad → https://gum.co/cygnito . So go there and get the font.

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