Amandine Donat-Filliod

[UX/UI Design] Uryō

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Another school project, where each team had to create an "Unique" fashion brand. Our team created 雨量Uryō, a raincoat brand based on thermochromatic inks, which allows the coat to change its color when it will be in contact with raindrops.

As the Lead Designer, I worked on the wireframes provided by other members of my team to design the graphic models of the homepage and product pages. I wanted that the brand's graphic identity blends in well with the environment that inspired its creation : the futuristic cities of Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo.

On this shot, I photobashed an original photography found on Unsplash to get this result. Here is the landing page, but other shots are coming !

Hope you guys like it ~

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