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Yosemite 120 years old

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For this Magnetic Dribbble Challenge, @Noah Korinek
chose National Parks as the theme. I grew up fishing the Sierra Nevadas since I was a little kid, and those mountains have a huge part of my heart and soul. So naturally I picked Yosemite.

There are a ton of amazing photos of this magical landscape from photographers far and wide, so there was no shortage of great images to work with, thank you unsplash! I wanted to treat all the images to be consistent and decided to go black and white to pay homage to the most notorious Yosemite photographer, Ansel Adams. I used a dark granite texture to blend images to create seamless transitions. The use of John Muir quotes help to break up content as you move down the page.

This was a really fun exploration, and Im hoping I can carve out more time to blow this out a bit more.


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