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Hi everyone - I stepped away from Dribbble (and design in general) for a bit to study general front-end development. I have been intensively studying JavaScript for web and app development, and recently started Stephen Grider's course, 'Modern React with Redux', as well as Joe Natoli's 'UX and Web Design Master Course'. This is my first app in Js that I will be launching privately on a subdomain of mine while it undergoes testing.

App Background: My girlfriend is from Norway, which encouraged me to work on this. As I've studied Bokmål, it can be kind of uncomfortable to practice with her or her friends/family, as well as finding a mutual time to do so. I created this app to sort of emulate basic, intermediate, and advanced conversations I had had with others. I had studied linguistics while learning French, and I wanted to give the app a certain 'workout' aspect - where the app would add new vocabulary and track progress, sort of like adding 'reps' or 'sets'. Currently this app supports English (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced), French (Beginner / Intermediate), and Norwegian Bokmål (Beginner). Norwegian will be my focus for the upcoming months.

App Description: This is a language-learning app that's meant to supplement one's studies. It is an AI that creates 'natural' conversation with its user, encouraging and probing the user to practice their language of choice with a more realistic approach. It searches for grammar and spelling errors along the conversation, and implements new vocabulary and phrases as the user progresses between difficulties. Users are granted experience based on their responses that is tracked per conversation, so they can view statistics regarding errors, fluency, and frequency. Users can also view entire past conversations to see how they have developed over time.

App Design: I created this design with Youper, Duolingo, and Google's in mind. Youper is an AI with a focus on emotional therapy, where you can speak to the AI about things that make you happy or sad, and it helps you acknowledge thinking traps, while also recording the data to show you your recurring behaviors. Duolingo is a language learning app catered to grammar structure and vocabulary. I used because I wanted to really stress the UX aspect of this app - which is to feel natural and really encourage the user to focus. I've come to enjoy demographics quite a bit, so I pulled a lot of data-related concepts from Google Analytics as well. Aside from iconography, the design itself is complete.

This is a personal project that means a lot to me. If anyone has suggests to the concept or design, please feel free to leave them in the comments. :)

Posted on Mar 6, 2019
Luke Isitt
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