Once upon a dream there were two seeds. Once upon a time these two seeds fell. One upon the lush and beauty of a spring field. Its counterpart fell into a lifeless inhabitance. It fell upon the filth of a summer pond. The first seed grew to be a rose, a gorgeous rose in a field of roses. What happened to our second friend? Beauty from ashes. It became a Lotus, and it single-handedly shined beauty to everything that set its eye upon it. From chaos, perfection was born.

@Gert van Duinen's shot reminded me how much I love wolves, and how they in a sense became a part of my childhood. It also reminded me how lotuses shared that same space in my soul. So there you go, beauty from ashes~

Posted on Jun 20, 2012
Silas πŸ„
Latino Designer. sustainability. diversity. mental health.

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