Digitech - UI8 template for startups

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve had an unreal amount of inquiries from digital startups that are trying to build that next big thing - a dashboard of some sort, project management tool or software. While many of them succeeded, many also failed and we’ve detected a pattern. It’s mostly because they don’t understand the scope of their own project… it’s not only building the product - it’s building a business around it and everything that goes with it.

So, late 2018, we decided to create something that will help startups launch their product a little easier. We created Digitech exclusively for @UI8. Understanding requirements of a digital startup, we custom designed and bundled some of more crucial things a digital startup needs:
- responsive website
- email template
- business documents
- branding options

Since startups always require that little extra, we decided to keep updating Digitech with highly requested features. Happy to hear what you guys think should make the cut next.

Available for Sketch, XD and PS. (Studio soon)

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