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Small Changes, Big Impact

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I'll never forget the time I shared a Lyft with someone who works at Rothys (a company that makes shoes out of water bottles) who was saying she hasn't purchased a single new clothing item in 2 years. she was telling us about the 2015 documentary "The True Cost" which has been waking up consumers to the horrifying impact the fashion industry has on exploited workers and the environment. she has no idea, but she completely shifted my perspective that day.

the more I've started to analyze the products I bring into my life, the more I realize how important ethical consumption is. ethical consumption covers things like buying fair trade, products not tested on animals, non-sweatshop brands, organic goods, avoiding exploitative products, and avoiding products that cause unnecessary waste.

we've become sooo dependent on convenience over sustainability, whether we're talking about single-use plastics or fast fashion. once you're aware of how pervasive this issue is, you can't unsee it. every purchase I make now has so much more weight to it — do I really need it? if so, can I find it used or sustainably made? if the answer is no, I'm likely not buying it these days. this is a drastic change from my purchasing habits of even a year ago. sometimes I slip up and feel like a hypocrite, but you can't beat yourself up over it. making changes to my habits has been a challenge and trust me, I have a long way to go.

we have SO much power as consumers to use our purchases to support ethical brands, and to divert our money away from brands that are not ethical or are adding unnecessary waste to our earth. you may be thinking that one person can't make a difference, but I strongly disagree. as I've been making these changes in my life, I've been sharing the process with friends and family and have seen little shifts in their habits as well. the more we share resources, tips, and the harsh facts, the more we can inspire others to give it a try. just take it one small change at a time.

I have tons of resources and recommendations to share with you all regarding slow fashion. keep a look out for that post soon!

quote from Radical Consumption by Jo Littler

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