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Small Changes, Big Impact

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2.5 million plastic bottles. every hour. in the United States alone. isn't that mind boggling? (via

when you think plastic bottles, you may think of just water bottles. but think about how many plastic containers fill your fridge, pantry, medicine cabinet, toiletries bag, and even your shower.

let's start off with your toiletries. here are a few easy swaps:
• instead of buying shampoo and conditioner in bottles, try shampoo and conditioner bars! I personally use Ethique (they have a great sampler option to start you off if you're skeptical.) Lush and J.R.Liggett are other great options.
• switch back to an old school bar of soap instead of a plastic bottle of body wash. easy!
• consider trying a face-friendly soap instead of face wash. I recently switched to Kiss My Face olive oil soap. the limited ingredients in this soap are ideal for my super sensitive skin.
• finding the perfect face lotion can feel like a never-ending journey to some. I recently started using some homemade 5-ingredient lotion from that I would hiiiiighly recommend. she even shares instructions for making your own if you're up for the challenge!
• for makeup remover, try coconut oil (in glass.)
• instead of toothpaste in a tube, try toothpaste tablets. I recently started using Bite Toothpaste Bits in a glass container.
• save your floss from the landfill (and from wildlife) and get compostable floss. Treebird Eco makes compostable floss in a glass holder that can be refilled over and over again (even their packaging is eco-friendly!)
• the one category I'm stumped on is makeup. 💄 our makeup bags contain tons of plastic that I'm not sure how to get away from without just ditching makeup all together. ideas? I'm all ears.

have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them! thinking of trying some of these swaps out? let me know 🙂

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