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Small Changes, Big Impact

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single use plastics are indisputably a major issue for the environment. can you believe that 50% of the plastic in the U.S. is used just once and then thrown away? (via

think about any time you’ve gotten takeout food 🥡you likely received your food in a plastic bag along with plastic utensils. did you know...
• 40 billion plastic utensils are used every year in the U.S. (Clean Air Council)
• Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags every year (
• worldwide more than one million plastic bags are used every minute (
• the average bag you pick up at the grocery store, or carry your takeout in, has a lifespan of about 12 minutes (
• plastic bags clog sewage and storm drains, entangle and kill an estimated 100,000 marine mammals every year (

so what can we do?
🍴carry your own utensils! grab some from your home set, or get yourself a set that backpackers use. I have a bamboo cutlery set from @patagonia but you can find these at any @rei or outdoor store. sometimes @wholefoods will even carry them.
🎒bring your own bag! I always carry a tote with me, or I’m usually wearing a backpack that I can throw things into. whenever I go grocery shopping I bring my own bags. always say no to a plastic bag 🚫

many countries, cities and a few states have started banning single-use plastic bags, with overwhelming positive results:
• San Jose, CA: 89% reduction in plastic bags in storm drains, a 60% reduction in creeks and rivers, and a 59% drop in residential plastic waste.
• San Francisco, CA: the city has saved a reported $600k per year in plastic processing fees alone.
• Seattle, WA: 48% drop in residential plastic bag waste and a 76% decline in commercial plastic bag waste.

what have you been trying to do to cut back or eliminate single-use plastics? I’d love to hear your suggestions! more on plastic to come 👋

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