Polaris — Habit Tracking App

Hi everyone,

It feels good to be back!

To give you some context, Polaris is an iOS app that provides a set of features that help you track, measure and maintain your habits, while simultaneously coaching you to ensure your habits remain healthy and relevant.

It took me a few months to design, with a unique set of challenges and lessons learnt along the way. You can read more about this and some of my motivations for starting this project in a short Medium post that I recently wrote.

In proper time, I might write a more comprehensive case study with a decomposition of some of the solutions, mapped to both the macro and micro problems that I’ve identified in my research, and how everything aligns with the vision of a product that tries to leverage science-proven strategies in building and maintaining good habits.

There’s also a layer of craftsmanship that I’m really proud of and that I would love to talk about in more detail. It takes shape in the form of a 4-point grid system based on a highly modular library of components and styles in Sketch.

Thank you!


You can contact me at hello@edusantos.me

Eduardo Santos
Product Designer

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