🧘Meditation App (Automated Hack #23)

This meditation app makes taking some time for yourself simple and straightforward. 🧘

Use Case: A user spends a lot of time setting up for each meditation session that by the time everything is ready (choosing a specific sound, comfy pillow, lights dimmed, scented diffuser on, etc.), she is less in the right mindset. She wants to be able to save her setup so she doesn't have to do that every time.

The app leads you through 3 steps: choosing a background sound, a type of meditation, and setting the atmosphere. In the atmosphere step, turn on your automated devices to take your meditation to the next level. For instance, you can dim your lights, choose a scent from your diffuser, and turn on your humidifier. Then save your selections for next time you meditate.

This is a concept app for my Automated Hack Series for my Adobe Creative Residency. Made with @Adobe XD.

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