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Ismael анимация чел дизайн персонажа покадровый традиционная анимация иллюстрация анимация 2d

Once a long time ago, last summer, we were contacted by a man named Tod Polson. At first we did not attach much importance to this. But having googled down his name, we found out that this man is a very interesting person. He is already aged, and has been spinning in the world of animation for quite some time. Helping implement projects for companies like Walt Disney, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon. If you want a clearer understanding, he worked on such full-length films as "The Secret of Kells" and "The Book of Life"

Well, as it turned out, he is a close friend of the old animation man Maurice Noble, who for the most part worked on Looney Tunes, as well as at Disney and MGM. And after his death in 2001, Tod devoted a book to him called "The Noble Approach", in which he talked a lot about the design and approach to the animation of Maurice Noble.

Tod really liked our work, and he wanted us to realize a 5 minute short cartoon for him. Entirely entrusting us with character design and plot. All that was provided - is an excerpt from the book, which they recorded as a voiceover. Roughly speaking it's a one chapter. After finishing that serie he want to make a series of all the other chapters. Or a feature film about whole the book.
Much work has been done since then, hundreds of sketches, several storyboards, animatics, and style frames with different palettes. And now we are sharing only a short scene from this project.
Upon completion of the project, it will be sent to more than 30 animation festivals around the world. And we do not doubt that will receive more than one award.

But honestly, the project is not commercial. We didn’t have a dozen producers who would put millions into it. For the most part, we agreed to the project to gain experience. To make a good project, to meet experienced people, the previous generation of animators who studied animation before we were born. Now the project is at the final stage when it remains to clean and color the animation.
And therefore we ask you, is there anyone willing to join the project? We do not promise large fees, but you will be in the credits at the end of cartoon, you will add interesting work to your portfolio. You will get the experience of creating a real cartoon. If you want to jump into our boat, if you are able to turn a rough animation into the same scene as this one, just pm us. We will be glad to any help, even if you make one short scene with a couple of seconds :)

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