East vs. West Design Challenge #1: GUI Kit

Challenge 1

EAST vs WEST Design Challenge #1: GUI Kit!
Welcome to the first installment of the weekly design challenge where East Coast Designers tip off against West Coast Designers to show who's the best!

This week's challenge:
The objective here is to create a GUI kit capable of being used for a web app. Required Elements Are:
- Slider
- Text Input
- Button
- Menu
- A minimum of 2 Wildcards:
- Checkbox
- Radio Buttons
- Menu Dropdown
- Livesearch
- Switch

- Rebound this shot in order to be part of the playoff
- Round is over when the following Monday has come. In this case, its June 25th
- Include the E (for East) or W (for West) flag in the rebounds to show which coast the shot is pledging allegiance to. Download those flags here
- Coast flag must be bottom left of the shot.

Feel free to participate, suggest challenges, or just watch on the sidelines.

The shot with the most likes, wins!

An East vs. West scoreboard will be kept.

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