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Hello everybody. We have great news for you 🖖🏻
First, we prepared 2 free lessons.
The first lesson on the interface of the program Toon Boom. It is intended for those who have never opened the program, but would like to master it in a short time.
In the tutorial, we will go over the interface and all the tools needed for frame-by-frame animation. Therefore, after viewing the lesson, you will have a complete understanding of how the software works and how to start working on it.
And the second lesson about liquid plumes. See that guy above?
We will briefly review how the scene was made. And during the lesson we will add those very plumes to the hands. We will also talk about what should be the approach with such an animation and what is it - the design of special effects.

The total duration of a little more than 1.5 hours.
Access to lessons by reference:
Well, the second news. We also launched a full course on frame-by-frame special effects. And you can start learning right now. All the details here:

Thank you all, we are waiting for your feedback :)

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