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How did this pig die? Here is the other menu.

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Here is the other story of a pig.🐷❌ 
Please try to understand illustration by yourself first, which can be much more interesting. 🤩

It liked to drink too much and was then made into “Beer Pickled Pig”; It liked to take drugs and its mentally broken brain was made into “Pork Brain With Pepper”;
It was very violent, killing many other pigs, and then it was smash into pork pie;
It used to grab the sow's bag, stealing rings, watches, coins, and its claws were made into “Stewed Pork Claw Soup”;
It destroyed plants and spoiled a lotus pond in the scenic spot, so it was made into “Lotus Leaf Pig”;

There are also many ways for this pig to die, so I won't say much here. 
This pig is not just a pig, it is also everyone in the real world.
Cherish your life and cherish the environment of the earth.❤️❤️

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