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Hi, guys! :D

This was one of my favorite projects when I was a student and altough I'm not dealing with hardware development and I didn't go to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering I have to admit I was very passionate about this project. I had an idea for a smart socket which I didn't know how to develop but I knew how this would work. So I decided to find one person from the electrical engineering faculty who is passionate like me. When I found my team we started to work on this project, first what we made is a logo for the socket - ''haha'' I'm just kidding. :D we made a prototype for hardware and mobile application and we also made a patent.

In attachment you can see the concept of socket in three different colour. My favorite colour is dark grey, which one is your favourite colour? :)

---> SOON I will publish a real picture of the ''Cocoplug'' socket on my instagram platform if you are curious to see - follow me on insta! @gabriela.baketaric

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