Rebound - super secret project

6 Responses

  1. Kubilay Sapayer Kubilay Sapayer

    thanks for feedback everyone

    almost 2 years ago

  2. Doney den Ouden Doney den Ouden

    I'd say this one is much better. I would make the top buttongroup wider though :)

    almost 2 years ago

  3. Bobby Giangeruso Bobby Giangeruso

    I love this, nice job! :D

    almost 2 years ago

  4. youri roggeveen youri roggeveen

    way better, much more contrast between the buttons and the bottom bar. good job


    almost 2 years ago

  5. Tanveer Junayed  Tanveer Junayed 

    Really like the colors and overall sickness.

    almost 2 years ago

  6. Nigel Evans Nigel Evans

    love what you did with the bottom section, the top still looks a little rough by comparison though ;)

    almost 2 years ago

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