Mobile App Design for Crossover Fighting Game

Hey guys!

What you see above is a mobile app design I created here at Zajno based on an immensely popular crossover fighting game. The app presents the full list of the game characters allowing to check out their profiles and figure out their strong and weak sides. The app also shows Best Character Matchups and Movesets to help gamers find all info they need as easily and fast as possible.

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Creating a vibrant mobile app design to appeal to the target audience of the game. Ultimate players presenting the info in an easy and consistent way.

To create a fresh look that would adhere to the bright style of the game we used vivid color palette. We also decided to play a bit with titles layout making them break the grid to make the app look less conservative and more unconventional.

We ended up with an aesthetically bold and user-friendly mobile app design that will increase audience engagement and attract more fans by making the game even more enjoyable.

Let me know what you think of it! Drop me a line and share your feedback! ;)

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