I don't know why I don't post a lot of production stuff.

This was one hell of a project. Lots of struggle (personal and professional), lots of fails, lots of dead ends, lots of exploration, lots of work and a true test of ones metal.

But we did it. And despite the odds, I think we shipped one hell of a product for an initial launch (and given the uphill battle we faced right from the start)!

Originally branded Weather Atlas, now known as Weather Up (helmed under a different design team, though I still lend my skills for occasional elements).

The original concept was to reboot the original app, but use the card based system of Maps.app and center it around an actual map that would provide context for weather conditions. This posed a number of challenges with regards to information presentation to card-based navigation.

Always a pleasure to work with David over the years and have to say, was highly impressed with Tim Van Damme who jumped on the project for an extra pair of eyes and brought some serious heat!

Do check out the current iteration as it just keeps getting better and better: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/weather-up-live-weather-maps/id1196015787

Posted on Feb 23, 2019
William Szilveszter
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