Tiago Tomás

Withdraw screen of MBway App - Revamped concept

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Revamped concept for a portuguese payment app, called MBway from SIBS.

Withdrawing money just like… instantly.
Withdrawing money with your phone is easier than ever and you can also allow others to, under your control. No more plastic cards in your wallet.

Withdrawing money at any ATM using only an App it’s a huge advantage. MBWay already allow users to do that, but more than that, it also allow the the user authorise others to do that, if they have is bank card.

The focus was more in UI hierarchy and a small iteration on the UX flow. I believe we also could add more “value as service” in this feature, but quite frankly I’m not seeing it - yet. I was hoping you all could help suggesting what it can be done better?

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