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Approved sketch and final design for Gildr.co

Gildr was founded on the idea of building brilliant technology to help communities preserve their legacies and to celebrate life.

The inspiration behind the concept is something that I'm really fascinated about and I find it really touching: It came after the white Great Dane (she's born deaf) that my client owned. One day when he was walking his dog, she spotted one of these birds flying above her. She just looked up and stared at the bird flying above for a good minute. She probably found the bird's flight very fascinating coming from a deaf world. So my client found a huge parallel with his Great Dane and the Cardinal and the people who are saying goodbye to their family members for the last time. Saying goodbye is a terrible process for any family but it’s a process we all have to go through, whether we are the ones leaving or the ones saying goodbye; either we are symbolized by the dog or the bird fluttering away and sharing a brief intimate experience together. _ More designs @: Instagram | Behance

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