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4:30 am here and i am not sleeping again :D i was doing some client work related to card readers today (can't show it yet) but this idea jumped in my head why not make a little login card swiper to get into the account. ;)

So I thought I'd sketch it to see what you guys think. Basically the main idea here is instead of pressing login button you would swipe the card.

Here are some additional details in case you can't see it too well on the picture.

1 Reader attached to the side of ur screen
2 Swipable card with your login information (animates in from the top with perhaps a little tilt, animates down the same way)
3 Red and Green light indicators (red - wrong login, green - correct)

Of course the final product would look a lot cooler, just wanted to hear some feedback from you guys, let me know how you feel about it. Thank you. :)

Posted on Jun 15, 2012
Eddie Lobanovskiy

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