Live! with Jon Contino

I've been inviting my friends in the design, writing, and music industries to join me on Instagram, Mondays at 12EST. We chat for 30-45 minutes, airing our DMs and texts about real shit. We started with Ryan Appleton from Satellite Office about repping, writer and coach Tina Essmaker about coaching creatives. This week I hung out with lettering legend Jon Contino to chat about growing when it feels like the algorithms are against you, morphing and shifting as a creative.


2/25 - illustrator @Syd Weiler: How to return to your work after trauma
3/4 - 3D animator @Noah Camp: gender in design, how transitioning affects your style
3/11 - drummer for Hailey Kyoko, Val Franco: balancing ego, the thrill of world class performing against the humility of working under someone else's name

Join us next Monday!

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