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E-Condiment - I love life, I eat heathily

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CHALLENGE | We met the E-Condiment in the middle of 2014. A new brand from the healthy food department, that was just entering the market, had neither communication strategy nor any ideas for the brand’s promotion. We had to take care of the overall marketing service from the scratch, amongst others: creation, graphics, copywriting, social media and online and offline campaigns.

SOLUTION | The key to preparing the E-Condiment to its premiere was to create a strategy. After a thorough analysis, we prepared a graphics and communication line, based on the distinctive features of the product and the customers’ needs. As a result, all the messages were coherent and able to build the brand’s strong image. We took care of, amongst others: a website integrated with an online store, communication on several social services, production of video spots, preparation of informative folders and brochures, designing the products’ packages, preparation of different contests and promotional actions, redaction of the trade articles and creating a market stand.

OUTCOME | The E-Condiment gained a modern and, above all, well-adjusted to their target group image. Thanks to the strategy we developed, the company communicates in a clear and coherent way and consistently chooses the proper tools for its promotion. As a result it easily reaches its receivers, gains new customers and builds a strong and recognizable brand, the consumers may identify themselves with. The Facebook society gathered around the E-Condiment consists today of almost 17 thousand people, the products catalogue keeps expanding and the green logo on esthetic packages appears in polish kitchens more and more often.

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