Kyber Network – Brand Identity Design

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Sometimes there is no need for dramatic changes in product design, branding or code. Moreover, it could be very harmful to the business. Most of the designers who do this just fulfill their ambitions using the client's resources. We believe that a designer should act as a doctor: diagnose, define the problem and fix it with as little 'pain' as possible. Please, satisfy your ambitions in your non-commercial projects and be emphatic to the users of the product that you design. That's the way it should be. 😉

Kyber Network is a decentralized exchange service that allows seamless, secure and instant crypto token conversion. We helped the team to make a soft re-branding and made the visual positioning a bit more serious and trustworthy. We saved the general idea of a crystal and connection but made it more simple and solid. Now Kyber Network team has not just the new logo sign and wordmark but also a set of consistent visual brand assets and guides. Read more here on Bēhance.



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