Michal Maňák

Location Tracker - Find Your Friends

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Have you ever lost during a party, festival, etc. and tried to find your friends like sending them SMS, calling them but with no success because of poor signal or such a loud environment that they missed the call?

What about an app that will allow you to connect with your friends before the party, running on background and when loosing your friends from your sight, you will just take your phone and find them using the camera (+ the sensors our mobile devices have and some clever intelligence).

It's one of my ideas for the 20th Daily UI challenge - to design a location tracker. I am not sure whether it's doable or not (it should be based on the research papers I found), but the fact that I am not able to say how to develop it does not mean that it's not possible :).

Maybe one thing - I would increase the stroke size of the detected persons and its opacity, the current version might be less visible. But I don't want to rebound (or should I?)

Looking forward to hear your feedback, ideas for improvements or anything else 🤗thank you very much 👍

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