BDMuseum - Europa zonder controle - illustrations

Some illustrations i designed for the exhibition.


For the Tax & Customs Museum we designed a full exhibition that teaches high schoolers about the history and establishment of the European Union.

We created a table with a map of Europe printed on it that could be scanned with tablets. When done so, you would see a situation (in AR) within Europe change to how it used to be in the past.

In the interactive game the user can change agreements made in the EU to see what this change would imply (and how it used to be). An example of this is that now a days you can cross country borders without showing identification but that wasn’t alway’s the case.

For the target audience a lot of these agreements feel logical since these were established before they were born. The goal of the exhibition is to give them insight in how it used to be and let them shape an opinion if things changed for the better.

Because a lot of the subjects we want to teach about is non-physical (like i.e. an agreement), we decided to use illustrations to better explain and make it visually appealing.

In the illustration style we avoid round shapes to match the polygon style of the AR.

The exhibition ‘Europa zonder controle’ is now on display in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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