Preply Icons

Sorry for another re-upload, wasn't happy with the quality and shot final appearance… nevermind…
Some icons that I made for various Preply product features. There was no unified system/style… so I decided to make it in the early days of my work here.
I made research to define with what we should move forward and created guidelines for designers in other teams along with a set of essential icons with arrows, etc.
Many legacy icons had no "frame" or "box" but sizewise were close to 20x20 so I decided to stick to that. Historically, we used outline icons with various border width 1.2, 1.5, 1.7… So again, it was pretty messy. To stay sharp, and actionable at the same time, I decided (and everyone agreed later) to proceed with 2px outline icons with sometimes filled parts, based on the inner shape that it has.
Now we adopt this style and slowly step by step replacing old icons with new ones with every release.

Vlad Solomakha
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