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A story backed up by years of trial-and-error, failure, and defeat.

A story that never died because of the undying flame lit for the passion of design. That very flame hoisted in guidance with only mutual trust carrying the bond to new heights.

This is a story of Doug Does Design presented within 7 stickers on a 8"x5.25" sheet.
To start 2017, I attempted my first try at a solo career in Lancaster, Pa. I failed miserably. At the time I didn't know why, but it left me feeling battered and betrayed by what I loved most.

3 months later I was running off to live in Philadelphia to escape my failures and try my luck in a new location.

Long story short, it worked. Getting away helped me build a new identity for Doug Does Design— without any comfortable influences, and only myself to rediscover my purpose.

However, after building this momentum, something was missing. It was obvious. The urge to work within a community that holds high standards for each other and has the type of organic collaboration that a big city just can't achieve.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE PHILLY, and I miss it dearly. But at the same time there wasn't much keeping me there(besides the friends I made along the way).

Now that I'm once again living in Lancaster City, I know what I was missing in 2017. My love and respect for a community that pours its blood, sweat and tears into every task at hand. I had to leave to find it, but that time away showed me the beauty of my hometown.

This pack, along with a few other stickers will be available to purchase online this week. Looking forward to getting back on the merch hustle with y'all!

Thank you @stickermule for always hooking it up.

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