Form expanding interaction

For Embroker insurance app I've designed a way that user can send policy certificates to business partners.

This is just one part of the flow, for showcase.

Form is expanding related to what is selected, but some fields are hidden and others are not. It is small at the beginning and "grows" as user is filling it. This came from series of user interviews where we figured out that there are two mayor needs here:

- to generate quick certificate (one and only) for more than 80% of users, and not make them scared on first look.
- to make specific certificates for certain location, policies or carriers.

For example, if user wants certificate of liability, he doesn't need any location info. But if he wants property related certificate, then he has multiple location options. All locations are selected by default, and if single location is selected there is preview of default location. Also Property policies are selected related to previous choice.

This is the way user can learn and progress through the form, not being confused at start.

Boris Milosevic
Product Designer focused on fintech, currently @ REIN∙ai

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