Space Noise - Procreate Brush Set!

I just published my Custom Procreate Brushes! ✌️❤️

Every week hundreds of people ask me what kind of Procreate brushes I use to create textures in my illustrations. So I thought why not compile my most used custom Procreate brushes so that you can use them too! Bring more life into your illustrations and take them to the next level with the Space Noise brushes. People are loving this “noisy” look!

Check out the Brushes! And be quick to get a Spacial Early Bird Price.

There are 5 custom-made procreate brushes that will give your drawings fantastic textures:

Mercury – minimal and subtile grain, perfect when you need to add just a few grained details.

Venus – really universal one; perfect for applying texture to large areas or shading smaller elements.

Mars – don’t add pressure, and it will give you this subtile noise texture. Press your pen just a little bit to get a harsher noise. For the best look, apply multiple brushstrokes on top of each other.

Jupiter – the best choice when you need “stronger” textures. Good fit for making shadows.

Saturn – this one’s really rough! Use it when you want to create strong textures.

Stay inspired, stay curious!

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