I'd like to see a Bench button on Dribbble, to "uninvite" people you've previously invited. Now I know this might seem like a controversial idea but please hear me out.

I've invited 14 people to Dribbble so far. While some of these members have contributed a lot to Dribbble, others have yet to post a single shot. I would love a way to give the invite I used on them to somebody else.

Now I'm not saying I should have the power to delete their account or remove their shots. The "bench" button would simply switch them back to prospect status until they can find another invite.

Maybe the bench button would only work if they've posted less than X shots. This would encourage people to at least post a minimum amount of work to get past that threshold.

Let me know what you think about this!

Note: I also have to give credit to @Brent Jackson for coming up with the same idea.


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