InCommerce - Influencer Commerce Concept

InCommerce - Influencer Commerce Concept (virtual name).

Social Media is one of several inspiration discovery channels, especially for lifestyle, fashion and daily activities. Instagram is a good sample for it. Many popular figure (influencers) use it to inspire others.

Imagine a combination between Instagram and Tokopedia (one of the biggest marketplaces in Indonesia). You can follow influencer that you love, inspired by their content and directly buy things that they used. InCommerce is a hub to connect influencers with their followers.

My design is a profile page of the Influencer. You can see their latest update on What’s New section. Posts section is a photo gallery where you can discover all of their contents and also buy things they used. Products section is a list of product in which you can buy directly.

On the business side, my concept is profit sharing between the Product Owners/Sellers & Influencer for every product sold. Some people called it affiliation. The Ask Me button will help you contact the Influencer for partnership.

*I borrowed Julie Estelle (Indonesian Actress) photos for this concept exploration. She is really inspiring, follow her.

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