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TowerMaker [s01e02]

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TowerMaker [s01e02] process flow undesignlabs design documentation computational design parametric algorithmic advanced architecture biodigital 3d animation

The second episode in the TowerMaker series.

Background -
The algorithm is part of the Biodigital Architecture Studio in the Biodigital Architecture Master at UIC, Barcelona.
The objective for this year's studio was to design a Residential Tower for Refugees on the seafront of Barcelona. The TowerMaker series is a weekly documentation of the most used algorithms to fulfill this purpose.

s01e02 synopsis:
Like in the previous episode, the Towermaker begins by BUILDing a semiproportionate tower, which is then SHAPEd and TWISTed. The shaper and twister controls help in manually adjusting the form of the tower.
A new control makes the logic of the existing process turn absolutely upside down. It FILLs the form of the tower with truncated hexahedral cells. These cells are manually controlled by the filler which populates intelligently on the surface.
As these newly created cells need an external support to keep them afloat, an EXOskeletal connection of lines pops up and binds the cells at crucial junctions.

Watch out for S01E03 next week to find out what these exoskeletal lines help develop.

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