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A project for a Mos.app replacement icon (go check it out, it's an amazing little app: https://mos.caldis.me). At least that's how it began. But then I started wondering what a mouse with a scroll wheel from Apple would look like. How would they band the glass, could they make it semi-matte, what kind of wheel would they use, would they include grooves (probably not but I think it adds a nice technical look), what about the logo, could we do the RGB illumination thing that every PC mouse does, or keep it just this soft white like the MBPs, wireless of course, but what about a laser with a pluggable wire for those of us that don't need to transport our mice and want the best quality motion there is.

(The lack of paragraph breaks is intentionally, sorry but I want to convey the mental process.)

As always, stay righteous 🤟🏼

PS: Am I totally out of touch that I hate when people tell me to like or sub to something? Like all the YouTube clips telling me to like the vid and stay updated by hitting that subscribe button before it even gets going? I notice this trend on Dribbble now, where every description is just some "Hey, hit that 'L' and follow me elsewhere." Ugh.

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