I am going to defeat testicular cancer.


So. We recently learned I have testicular cancer.

I am terrified, of course. Since receiving the news, I've felt scared about everything.

But I am also aware that I am very lucky. Not only to have contracted such a treatable cancer, but to be held up by the love of my incredible wife—who, in spite of her own pain and fear over this has taken amazing care of me and shown unbelievable strength and courage—and the support of an incredible circle of family and friends.

It was difficult for me to decide how public I want this knowledge to be...but after the comfort and inspiration I've received from cancer survivors who have been open about their struggles, I've decided I want to be open about this, too, in the hope that maybe what I'm going through can someday be a source of comfort to someone else.

MEN. Take this SERIOUSLY. Check yourself, often. Cancer is just a terrifying thing that happens to other people, until suddenly it happens to you. But if you catch testicular cancer early, the full-recovery rates are amazing.

There's no reason to allow this killer to claim more lives than it should, when simple awareness can go so far toward defeating it.

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