Ellie's Adventure Illustration

A new piece inspired by Pixar's UP, "Ellie's Adventure" for The PixarTimes (do check out the other awesome illustrations), honoring Pixar's heroines. Large attached.


To me, Ellie was the real spirit of adventure behind Carl. I always wondered how she would have adventured if she'd had followed her dreams...and in that vein, it's been my dream since I was 10 to be a Disney artist. I had an ahah moment last year at Disneyland to pursue my dreams. I'm not there yet, but I just want to say a heart-felt thank you to the Dribbble community:

Thanks for being involved in my adventure to be an illustrator. Your help, praise and critiques are amazing.

A sincere thank you to, these, few
wonderful, fellas for telling me where I sucked.

If you are interested in buying a print, I *might* be doing a limited run...leave yer email here and I'll let you know!

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