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Logo & branding concept for a gaming production company.

For this personal project, we created a gaming production company brand named ThreeWolves. We approached this project as if it were a successful company which had been active forty years ago but now wanting to move into the 21st century with a series of updated & remastered games from their past.

We hoped to achieve this by giving it a retro yet contemporary feel which would stand out in today’s market.

We decided to go with an incredibly minimalist logomark and although we are several decades removed from when the minimalist movement first impacted the design scape in the early 1970s, this style is still as strong as ever moving into 2019 as one of the top trends in design when combined with more abstract concepts.

We thought this linked perfectly with the heritage of the company for many reasons one being that video gaming reached mainstream popularity in the 70s and 80s when arcade video games, gaming consoles and home computer games were introduced to the general public. We decided that if we are designing the company’s logo for present day, it feels only natural to use a style and trend from that same time period.

This project was created to show a side of our design styles which suited a more technical market than we have produced in the past. Although this project is solely based around the logo design, we think that there are an awful lot of opportunities for this concept which we will be sure to explore in the future.

- MakMonkeys

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