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Hello Designers!

Signup & Login form design for TheWanderful!⠀
I designed this minimal form for login and signup and I pretty happy with results look and feel.⠀

I think this project one of great project in my projects and I learn a lot from this and still learning even amazing result, having great conversations with my client, and good thing happy to share work on my networks and I think I have so many projects very big, medium and small project with passion but in most cases I could share my work publicly!⠀

But I think differently I am going to share my work in my portfolio and It will be visible soon!⠀

What services I am giving in this project! ⠀⠀
I did Branding, UX/UI Design and Frontend Development.⠀⠀

About TheWanderful ⠀⠀
TheWanderful is such a great platform for Vanlife and There are providing so much content about Van like How to build your own Sprinter Van, Assets, Steps, process and more things! ⠀⠀
You can check HERE LIVE WEBSITE!

Interested to work with me, let's start working together!
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Have a nice day!
Faizur Rehman

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