Catherine Renee Dimalla

Aftel Archive of Curious Scents

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A longtime fan of Mandy Aftel’s work as a natural perfumer and author, I jumped at the opportunity to help with the branding of their latest venture: an intimate museum dedicated to rare and curious scents. Mandy’s vision for the brand came to life through a luxurious letterpress scent strip or “€œperfume blotter”. A mirror-like gold foil nose engraving, inspired in part by a plaster cast of the nose of Michelangelo’€™s David, is enveloped by a combination of antiquarian typefaces to create a vintage trade card feel with modern crispness. Crane’€™s Lettra is not only the gold standard of letterpress stock, but its pure cotton content and fibrous texture makes it ideal for absorbing perfume. A Victorian hand ornament guides the museum patron through the timeless experience of sampling exotic essences for a memorable tactile experience."

This project was featured on Under Consideration's FPO:

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