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Victorian Lettering Bundle

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Grab this Victorian lettering bundle with mockups, workbooks, and tutorials for just $7 on Patreon.


Sign up for Lettering Adventures where you'll learn 12 of my favorite type styles this year for just $7 a month. Each workbook includes tutorials and mockups so you can create beautiful lettering phrases to share with your following like these ones.

This is the most elaborate workbook in my shop and costs $25, but you're getting it for just $7 by becoming a Patron! Click the link in my bio and click Learn > Lettering in the menu to visit my artistic community of 200+ lettering artists to add this style to your skillset.

Everything that's included:
• Learn to Draw 31 Capital Victorian Letters
• Discover 12 Ways to Decorate Your Letters
• Explore 38 Kinds of Filigree & Framing
• Drawing Tutorial: Create Your Own Victorian Poster
• 2 Instagram Ready Photoshop Mockups • Draw Digitally with Photoshop or Procreate files

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