Swiggy Saptarshi Prakash

Introducing Swiggy Stores

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Do you love the way we deliver food? We have some good news for you 😎 Now we deliver not just food but all your daily needs from any shop around you! From groceries to medicines; gifts for your valentine to banarasi meetha paan--we have all covered!

This is a teaser for the same. Well, we too hate auto-triggered blocker modals but we are so excited about this new feature that we thought of doing it, regardless 😛The challenge was to introduce the users to the new 'Swiggy Stores' card on the app and communicate as much as possible with least amount of text. This is an attempt for the same 🙂Swiggy Stores is presently live in Gurugram. It will be rolled out to other cities very soon. Keep watching this space.
We have tons of stuff coming up. Follow us for more 🤗

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