Hey! ・ High-Fidelity Prototype

Hey! is a real-time, location-based mobile app that helps users to discover and meet people around them.

This is a product design prototype of the chat function. It is the second most important function after the meetup. There are two types of chats. First one is meetup-based chats, they are generated after meetup has been approved or user’s request has been approved by someone, they help users to better communicate with each other before meeting and share some information about the place they are going to. The meetup chats disappear after 24 hours from the moment meetup has been approved. The second type is group chats, they are location-based chats that users can explore when they are in a certain group chat location, they are created based on the user’s location and have the distance limit of 80 kilometers. All those 24 hours and 80 kilometers limitations are created to make the meetups and chats more location and real-time based.

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Wladislav Glad
Product Designer

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