Anna Meleshina

Package. Cosmetic Line.

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Package. Cosmetic Line. smitten flirt glance black package pink package golden package golden pink black white bottles clean clean package sunscreen self tanner bodywash minimalism cosmetic line package

That was an interesting project and great challenge for me and for my client Raphaela.

According to the brief there should be three products:
- Flirt (sunscreen)
- Glance (bodywash)
- Smitten (selftaner)

Feeling from the bottles supposed to be as the following:
- polish and ‘elegant swagger’
- Fresh, clean, modern and edgy

– more to women, but will also appeal to metrosexual men
– ...mid twenty somethings and up...

I had to create three labels for them and make a logo.

If you want to see full project, please visit the link

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