Continuity - UI Monday #5

#UIMonday is up!

Even tho the Adobe XD Playoff isn't open for participants from the EU I still decided to give it a shot and dive into motion graphics for the first time ever. This is what I came up with; a simple concept for an online learning platform. As I believe learning never stops and one always has to continue getting into new stuff I named the concept Continuity.

As far as Adobe XD goes, I really love it and it has kinda been taking Sketch's place as my daily driver these last couple of weeks. The AutoAnimate feature is awesome for After Effects noobs like me, as it makes animating and creating interactive prototypes way easier. The only thing I struggled with was exporting the animation properly. XD only allows 'exporting' an animation by screen-capturing it. With my MacBook being some years old now I struggled getting a good enough frame rate and had to compromise on resolution for the animation to look somewhat smooth. A feature that lets you render an animation properly would be great.

Anyways, let me know what you think!

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