Salem Dribbblers


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Okay, so I know this is way late for the dribbble contest. However, I had this awesome idea stuck in my head and I just had to get it out.

So, backstory: I was watching the Celtics/Heat with my brother last week and Kevin Garnett was fouled and proceeded to make the the basket anyway, so he then proceeds to perform one of his trademark screams. As he screams, a bunch of spit just flies out of mouth in every direction. Then some gets caught on his chin and just hangs there.... (Gross, I know) .....But then my brother turns and says to me: "Ew, look at that dribble all over his chin!" and in a matter of seconds, the wheels clicked into place for this concept.

As for the concept itself, I decided to go with a fun, retro vibe and the colors @Dribbble had chosen for "Dribbblers" fit that style perfectly. For the character, I also stole some inspiration from the "Semi-Pro" characters as well as (former) Piston-great Ben Wallace.

I'd recommend taking a peek at the larger version (attached) so you can get a better view at some of the detail.

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